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There are two things that take you global in an instance – one is prayer, and the other is money.  Your heart will follow these two!


Please pray for:

In Him Ministries as we follow our mission statement.

The Federal Correctional Complex as they open the penitentiary in 2014.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections as they review the report from the Task Force.

The Hinds County Detention Center to open their doors for religious services.

The administration and staff at each facility throughout the state.

Inmates as they enter the system, as they are assigned where they will do their time, and as they enter programs designed to assist them in life skills.


Please contribute to:


In Him Ministries

Post Office Box 1933

Jackson, MS  39215





When you connect with In Him Ministries through your prayer and through your money, you are making a difference – one life at a time!