I Believe in You!

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We have recently published a book written primarily for inmates coming into the prison system.  It has been distributed to our state inmates and we have just completed a fund raiser for the distribution to our federal inmates.  This book is also given each week to newly arrived inmates at Central MS Correctional Facility.

The book is given free to inmates, but you may find a copy for yourself at Amazon.  For each book purchased, a book is also provided to an inmate.


February 5, 2014

I was inside the building waiting for the chow hall to clear out in order to have church service with the Jumpsuits, inmates just coming into the prison system.  An inmate from another section came up to me and said, “I read your book. I know God but I’ve been away from him and didn’t know how to get back. Your book helped me to get back to him.”  That book goes places I can never go, and I give all the praise and glory to Him!


May 14, 2014

I was beginning the church service in the Receiving and Classification unit at Central MS Correctional Facility when an inmate asked me if she could say something.  I said, “Sure.” She said, “I was in Lauderdale County jail and I wanted to get back to God but I didn’t know how.  Someone gave me a book to read, I Believe in You.  This book helped me to get back to God and I told him – I want to meet the lady who wrote this book.  Tonight, I walked in and there you were!”  An inmate sitting in front of her said, “I was in Pontotoc County jail and saw the same book!” This book goes places I cannot go, and is there when I can’t be there.  Thanks again to all who pay for this book to be given freely to inmates across the country.


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